Wallpaper is back!

Have you ever walked into an older home and seen this ugly, horrible wallpaper on the wall? Well, this designer is here to tell you that wallpaper is back and in a big way! This designer shares his tips for incorporating it into your home. After reading about his inspirational design ideas, you’ll want to call a wallpaper contractor to transform your home right away!

It’s time for a designer confession. It may come as quite a shock, but I have an addiction issue that has been hiding in plain sight for many years. I think now I’m finally ready to open up about my addiction to wallpaper.
I’m a huge wallpaper addict! I mean, I celebrate it every week in my office and online with Wallpaper Wednesday. I’m not kidding. If there’s a wall, I want to paper it! So, it always surprises me when so many people have such an intestinal dislike for the incredibly beautiful wall coverings available today.

Why wallpaper has a bad rap
I think most of it stems from childhood horror stories of parents making their children scrape layers of paper off walls. Or a later-in-life-nightmarish experience of trying to hang wallpaper. I ask you to put all your design tragedies and traumas aside and reconsider the glory and wonder of wallpaper.
Wallpaper works well in almost every room. I wouldn’t use it in a bathroom as steam is its mortal enemy, nor would I use it in a kitchen as a backsplash, it won’t last. But everywhere else it’s great. It provides interest, drama, surprise and decorative sophistication that is often lacking in most homes – and all this for relatively little money.

Transform these spaces with wallpaper
Wallpaper is so versatile that it can be used anywhere in your home:

Accent walls
In theory, I’m not a huge fan of accent walls, but I admit to having one in my own living room behind my sofa. My only problem with accent walls is that people so often choose the wrong wall! Hint: an interior designer or wallpaper contractor can help you out from a design perspective!
Here are the best places to use wallpaper as an accent:

  • The wall behind a headboard. Anchors and highlights the bed, the focal point of any bedroom.
  • A long continuous wall, such as in a hallway or stairwell. Provides interest and adds depth to a sometimes very tricky space.

The wall surrounding a fireplace. It heightens the impact of the room’s focal point and provides an extra layer of decorative complexity.

On the ceiling
I have used wallpaper on ceilings many times for clients. When I first suggest it, they look at me like I’m from another planet and usually say something like, “Are you serious?” To which I reply, “Absolutely!” Wallpaper on the ceiling creates a new and unexpected dimension in a room. It provides a lot of bang for relatively little buck. Try it!

In a linen cupboard or pantry
There is something about the surprise I get when I open the door to a what is usually a service-oriented space, such as a linen cupboard or pantry and find an incredibly beautiful wallpaper hung there. It’s completely unexpected and a therefore a very pleasant component of a decorative scheme.

Powder rooms 
Wallpaper for me is all about drama. When you open the door to a small powder room covered in a spectacularly patterned or even a simple textured paper, gasps of amazement are often quite loud. So go ahead create a little jewel box out of the most unassuming room in your home.

About the Author: William MacDonald is principal designer at William MacDonald Interior Design.

Source: eieihome.com

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