Wallpaper For Accent Walls

Designers have embraced using wallpaper for accent walls in a big way, as a method of drawing attention to a specific portion of a room or space. Although accent walls can be big and bold, it’s also possible to make a modern statement in a subtle and understated way. The immense variety of wallpaper choices available includes not just traditional wallpaper, but borders, decals, medallions and murals, any of which can be used to create the perfect feature wall. Choosing which area to highlight depends on what you hope to achieve. Here are some suggestions for designing and creating your perfect accent wall.

Make a Bold Statement with an Accent Wall

Add maximum drama and dimension to a room with a?bold accent wall. This technique is perfect for dining rooms, dens, children’s rooms and master bedrooms, or any space that needs some spicing up. The modern take on a bold wall feature involves solid colors. Select a solid paper in a color that compliments the color of adjoining walls but is deeper in tone and richer in feel. For even greater impact, select a coordinating border pattern or decal and apply two or more courses, either horizontally or vertically. Space the patterned courses apart evenly for a more traditional feel, or vary the spacing for a more eclectic, modern vibe.

Try a Subtle Approach to Accent Walls

If bold isn’t quite your style, you can still capitalize on this trend in a more subtle manner. Select wallpaper in the same color as wall paint, or just a degree or two darker or lighter. Create a subtle accent with texture alone by selecting a paintable, three-dimensional patterned wall covering, then painting it to match the room. Small-scale wallpaper patterns provide an understated look while still drawing the eye to a specific area or feature. Subtle grass-cloth or suede papers provide additional minimalist options while creating a contemporary feel. Finally, create a unique look by using a wallpaper medallion or decal that furthers the theme of your space.

Selecting the Right Wall for an Accent

The purpose of an accent wall is to draw the eye and interest to that area. The perfect wall will be solid and uninterrupted by multiple architectural features such as doors, windows or a fireplace. In the master bedroom, consider creating an accent wall in lieu of (or as a complement to) a headboard. If the bedroom is small, use the wall opposite the bed as the accent, creating the illusion of more space. If your dining and living spaces are open or contiguous, delineate one from the other using one or more accent walls. Stairwells are perfect spots for a wallpaper accent, as are entryways and foyers. Finally, any wall area that is either inset or popped out from the rest creates a natural spot for wallpaper accents.

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