Marble Wallpaper

Marble Wallpaper

Marble wallpaper provides jaw-dropping beauty without the cost and the trouble of a major renovation project. It’s catching on in designs everywhere because it adds a touch of elegance that can instantly transform any room.


Are you looking for a design choice that will set your home apart? Faux marble is the answer.


It’s Gorgeous
Whether you use it for floors, countertops or walls, marble is a stone unsurpassed in exquisite grace and class. It possesses a timelessness that transcends styles and trends.
While faux marble wallpaper is gaining traction — enough to make it the obvious choice for our March design trend — don’t worry about it going out of style anytime soon. Marble has a long-lasting appeal.


Why is it Expensive?
Besides its beauty, marble is also known for its cost. Marble is one of the most expensive stones, making it difficult to fit into design and renovation budgets. It can easily top the cost of granite, running over $200 per square foot for the best cuts of stone.


The price of this stone is directly related to the high cost of sourcing the material. The stone must be located and extracted, which includes land purchases, permits and licenses. Then it must be cut into slabs, polished and shipped. Once you fully examine all the steps involved in the sourcing process, you start to understand why it’s outside of an affordable price range.


Marble Wallpaper Is the Perfect Solution
If you’re finding it difficult to justify the cost of real marble, you aren’t alone. If you can afford real marble for your floors, counters or walls, you may be tempted to splurge, but you also might be interested in alternative solutions as well.


Marble wallpaper can give the same effect as the real thing, down to the shine, the veining and the originality, but without all the drawbacks of the real stone. Real stone is heavy. It is also porous, so staining is possible. Regular sealing is recommended to protect it. If instead you opt for the wallpaper version, you don’t have to contend with the weight. You also don’t have to worry about damaging the surface — faux marble wallpaper is durable and easily cleaned. And obviously, it’s a much cheaper option.


Where to Hang
Marble wallpaper can give your dining room the touch of sophistication that will make you want to host a dinner party tomorrow. Hang it in your bathroom for a clean, pure look that helps you relax during your nightly bath. Use it to decorate around your fireplace for a refined, tasteful look that immediately transforms your home from run-of-the-mill to upscale.


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